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Welcome to our Community

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Why join

We have put this website together because we want to give the common person the power to act on things that they are otherwise powerless to get involved with. Let’s face it and let’s be honest, many of us are so quick to criticize and complain about so many things, but that’s where it gets left, we rarely bother to take it any further. But in actual fact, if you really have issues with something however big or small, you can take action. enables you to:

  • Bolster support for something like a communal issue and take it up with a local authority
  • Raise awareness about immoral or inappropriate ethics
  • Or pretty much anything you are unhappy about but don't know where to start

Any publication will be searchable through search engines exposing your concern to the web.

In addition to raising awareness and gaining the views from everyone that uses the web, you can also start petitions. Petitions are extremely powerful because you can write a compelling story that gains the support of the public in the form of electronic petition signing.

To get a petition started, you need to:

  • Publish an editorial detailing your issue
  • Enable petitions and publish it on
  • Allow the world wide web to discover your article and comment and sign your petition
  • Share your editorial on social networking sites
  • Once you are happy you have enough support you can:
    • Write to the body that has the ability to act on the petition
    • Make them aware of the editorial published on
    • Inform them specifically of the support that you have and all the petition signatures

You should find that organisational bodies would be inclined to listen when tens of thousands of people support a cause. is free so come and join us and help fight immorality and injustice

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