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Created by: HealthDude

Some food manufacturers are killing us!


The government are constantly bombarding us with recommended health strategies such as making sure we don't eat too much salt, eat a healthy balanced diet and without too much fat. Yet they leave food manufacturers to overload our foods with all sorts of nasties simply so that these manufacturers can maximize their profits!!!
Tighter constraints should be put on food manufacturers that put profits before public health.

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I remember when I was a young lad (around 30 years ago), you could buy a pack of sausages and you could cook them knowing that what you bought would be enough to feed your family. These days, when you buy sausages, you need to buy 133% of the amount you need to feed your family because 25% of that amount will need to be drained of as saturated fat! Livestock are being fattened up as quickly as possible, and the food manufacturers are stuffing all the rubbish including the excess fat into foods like sausages so that they can boost their profits while the rest of society are paying the ultimate price with their health.
Okay, so when you cook these sausages, most of the fat comes out, but talking from personal experience you still need to wrap these sausages in wads of kitchen towel to absorb all the fat that has come to the surface.
I still wouldn't mind betting there is still an overload of fat still inside the skins.

Well known brand of beefburgers

There is a well known brand of beefburgers that advertise all sorts of claims about their food being pure and unprocessed, yet back in last summer, my wife and I had a little barbecue for the two of us. Since it was only a little barbecue, we decided to buy some decent beefburgers and paid a little extra for them. These burgers where from the manufacturer mentioned above, but when we got them home and cooked them, they reduced to 70% of the weight or less due to the overload of fat.
So I bought this pack of 4 burgers, but after cooking they reduced to the equivalent of less than 3.

Corporate lies and deceit

Furthermore, the packaging stated a raw nutritional content of only 22% fat, I weighed the fat that come out of these burgers and compared it to the starting weight, and the result indicated that the fat content was nearer 30%.
I know manufacturers lie, because in 1995 I worked for a company that made pies and other pastry goods for supermarket own labels. There was a particular type of pie that used a shortcrust pastry top. The machine was constantly jamming up because the pastry was the wrong consistency. The way this problem was resolved, was to to add more fat... DOUBLE the amount of fat!!!
The result was a pie that was stated as having a total of 24.5% fat but was in fact around 30% fat because twice the amount of fat was being added to the topping.
We are all living in a society where the health of many is spiralling out of control as a result of corporate lies and lack of government intervention. But hey, they are doing well so who cares!!! This sort of conduct is unacceptable. But unfortunately, money often wins over morality so unless the consumer acts on this sort of thing, the public is going to continue to develop all sorts of future health problems from strokes to heart attacks.
I appreciate some self control helps solve these sort of problems, but that doesn't mean these companies should be a law unto themselves!

Please sign this petition...

This editorial includes a petition for you to sign which will put pressure on the authorities to start applying stricter constraints on companies that look after their own interests and disregard everyone else.
If you agree with what has been said here, please sign the petition so that we can hit with a strong case. Also, if you have further things to add, please start a discussion thread associated with this publication.
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