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Created by: BimmerMan

I hate cyclists, they should pay road tax just like the rest of us!!!

Selected thread started by: MrCommuter - Total posts 2
5 years ago Post # 1

Joined:  Oct 2012
Posts:  6
Wake up!!!

BimmerMan: I have yet to meet someone with your negative attitude towards cyclists who base their opinion on statistics. Rather it is a reflection of your personal perspective.

While I DO NOT condone the antics of some obnoxious cyclists, I (unlike many) am able to look beyond my own little world at the wider implications on our society. I am also aware that these obnoxious attitudes are a reflection of that individual (and not their chosen transport) who will be far more dangerous to the public while behind the wheel of a car. But that is guaranteed to go unnoticed until they kill someone. So let’s continue to generalise about the cyclist because they are an easier target!!!

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5 years ago Post # 2

RE: Wake up!!!

I have cycled a few times in London, and on all occasions I have had some car drivers deliberately manoeuvre to block my path. These are the bullies that like to jump on the “I hate cyclists because the break the rules” bandwagon.

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