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Created by: BimmerMan

I hate cyclists, they should pay road tax just like the rest of us!!!

Selected thread started by: HealthDude - Total posts 2
5 years ago Post # 1

Joined:  Dec 2010
Posts:  10
Looking forward to petrol tripling in price...

Hopefully the price of fuel will continue to shoot up.
I know this will increase tge cist of everything we buy in the shops, but msy give ys all the nudge we need to become a bit more self-sufficient.

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5 years ago Post # 2

Joined:  Dec 2012
Posts:  4
RE: Looking forward to petrol tripling in price...

To true!

People complain about the cost of motoring and the state of the economy, but like I read elsewhere, why is it that The Netherlands has an emphasis on cyclists, yet they are one of the few Eurozone countries that have escaped the credit crunch relatively unscathed?

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