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Created by: UtopiaNow

It's time to clamp down on society's degenerates!!!


There are so many individuals these days who make communal life for respectable members of the public a living hell, and the local authorities do nothing or very little about it and when they do its not about prevention, rather the emphasis is on acting in retrospect.

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My wife and I recently started to look into where we could buy a house for our family (Mother, baby girl, her little brother and I). We wanted to find somewhere that is reasonably safe and has good access to local schools.
A couple of years ago, one of my colleagues moved to an area just a few miles from where we were renting. It all seemed absolutely ideal. It had a good local community, local lakes to relax around in the summer months, cycle paths and local primary schools and a state of the art college. Sounds ideal doesn't it?
Well, the area is still under development, and my wife and I decided to go and look at a few plots where new houses are being built. The prices would be stretching our budget a little, but we wanted somewhere safe and suitable for our children.
A while ago, I managed to catch up with my colleague mentioned previously, but was shocked by what he had to tell me. In the last few months, around 10% of the homes within this new community had been taken on by the housing authority and had largely been filled by less than perfect families from the surrounding (and not so nice) suburbs of the city. As a result, local crime and violence has escalated and no one (as in authorities) seems to want to do anything about it. Thousands of people have invested in the local properties, so all involved have made their money in the developments and no longer wish to maintain the community (or so it seems).

Cure rather than prevention

I have heard far too often in recent times how the auithorities are claiming that crime is on the decrease. That's total nonsense!!! The truth of the matter is, unless a crime has already been committed, it seems the authorities often won't get involved. They have to wait for someone to get assaulted or murdered or the offenders commit other offences in the form of vandalism and theft before the police can take any real interest. Even then, a lack of evidence is often used as an excuse to not do anything. So the truth behind reports of declining crime is more likely that people know it's a waste of time reporting it in the first place.
What makes me so angry, is that a large percentage of these scum bags come from families who don't work, live off benefits and seem generally bent on upsetting decent society. And then, it's the honest hard-working tax-payers that pay the price, not just as victims of crime, but as the ones paying the government tax to keep these reprobates in the form of social security benefits.

Bureaucracy... The death of common sense...

It seems these days that the slightest hiccup or technical issue is enough for criminals to wriggle their way out of many a conviction. Not only do these lowlifes get away with crime because of this political officialdom, it is also sending out the wrong message to other criminals and potential criminals. Even if such criminals get convicted, the ruling is so frequently inadequate that it simply does not act as a deterrent.
The trouble is, authorities that have the power to clamp down on this sort of behaviour do not seem to be able or willing to. Maybe it's because it's not economically viable to do so, who knows??? But they should start to realize that this will not and cannot continue. Because the more people that turn to crime, the less money is going to be paid in tax by the honest worker and it will eventually spiral out of control.
It would be so much more economical in the long run for the government to get tough on these reprobates.
I don't necessarily blame the police for this, as I am sure on many occasions the police would love to round up some of these degenerates, but their hands are so tied by political bureaucracy that the police are often powerless to do anything.
A while ago, I witnessed a group of youngsters acting in a so-called anti-social manner, and a couple of police officers who happened to be in the vicinity approached them and these youths starting using all sorts of profanities to the officer's faces and although the officers politely asked them to refrain, these rotten kids took no notice at all. One of them even started challenging one of these coppers to hit him, because the kid knew the second one of the police laid a finger on him the copper would end up being the defendant standing in court!
This sort of problem is the exact result of senseless do-gooders who put political correctness and bureaucracy before commons sense. I'm pretty damn sure the average tax payer would like to have seen the copper give these kids a thick-ear, but these days that simply isn't allowed. I just wish these political do-gooders who have nothing better to do than make up stupid rules were the ones who feel the brunt of such ridiculous young thugs.

Nipping things in the bud...

The government need to start making it mandatory for parents to apply discipline. The website clearly states that it is a legal requirement for parents to discipline their children, but at the same time, political do-gooders make it illegal to slap a child for a wrong doing. Also, governments need to start getting tough on irresponsible parents who don't clamp down on their kids who make life a misery for other children.
These idiots who campaign for laws to prevent child slapping are truly ignorant. They claim that it is to prevent child abuse but clearly they are incapable of thinking outside the box (either that or they are just trying to justify their existence and sacrificing society in the process).
Imagine this: if a parent is of such nature to abuse a child, do you honestly think that such a parent is going to abide by a law that prohibits child slapping? OF COURSE NOT!!! Even before child slapping was banned, child abuse was illegal so what difference is it going to make? All it means is that decent families are banned from giving their kids a thick ear when they misbehave.
No wonder society is falling apart!!!

Discipline in schools and corporal punishment

One of my friends children, a 12 year old girl was being so badly bullied at school that they had to temporarily take her out of the school (not ideal for obvious reasons). Her parents tried to reason with the officials that run the school who were unable to act since the parents of the bullies were not interested in resolving the issue of even attending meetings to discuss the problem of their kids.
Ultimately, the last resort would to be expel bullies from the school, but where will that lead? All that means is that the bullies will do their bullying elsewhere, at another school perhaps. Expulsion of bullies is all very well for the existing pupils of a school, but it is hardly going to prevent the problem from occurring somewhere else in society.
Corporal punishment is the answer, a good caning across the back of the legs would sort it out, but the political do-gooders won't allow it, in fact the bully's parents are just as likely to come down the school and take it out on the teachers as some families seem to thrive on trouble.
I don't know about you, but political correctness and social do-gooders are causing the demise of respectable society! The trouble is, I just can't understand why they refuse to see the light!

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