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Created by: UtopiaNow

Rip-Off Dentists - £600 for a root canal!!!


I was unfortunate enough to recently have suffered a sever crack in one of my molars but it had gone unnoticed by my dentist for some time. As a result, decay had crept into the root canal of that tooth.
When it was finally noticed by my dentists (or when they decided to tell me), they offered an extraction for £100 (leaving me without the tooth for the rest of my life) or they could perform a root canal filling... AT £600!!!!

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I don't know about you, but dental treatment that takes about 1 hour at a cost of £600 sounds a little bit like extortion to me!!!

I cannot believe that the cost of performing this kind of treatment costs more than a few pounds and maybe £40-£50 for the dental staff. Say the whole thing costs £100 including surgeons, assistants, admin and materials (and I doubt it really does cost that much!). That means they are making £500 per hour. That's £4,000 per day... Can anyone put their hand on their heart and tell me this is justified???

I've nothing against good business

I have nothing against good business, but £4,000 a day for treatment that the common person will always need??? Come on!

The problem is, most of these dentists know how excruciatingly painful toothache can be, and they know they can exert extortion and get away with it because people would rather be ripped off than endure agony in the form of toothache which will not subside and would only get worse with time.

The particular dentist I am referring to (and I have experienced more than one that quote so extortionately) has a car park full of Porches and top of the range BMWs and Mercedes cars. Now like I mentioned, I have nothing against good business but it is clear that the common person is being ripped off by the financially dominant.

Why is there not an ombudsman to regulate these rip-off merchants?

But not all dentists are bad...

I have to add, that there are exceptions to these opportunists. In Shoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea there is a dentists that runs a practice that is truly modern and start-of-the-art, yet the prices he quotes are only a quarter of these other dental practices that rip us off.

He drives a modest Rover 400 which probably costs less than those other dentists charge for a root canal.

He listens to what the problem is instead of just telling you to open wide so he can see for himself (like most dental surgeons seem to do).

I am not a communist, but if more people ran business like this gentleman, society would be so much better for everyone.

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