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Created by: RealityPhil


Anti Social Behaviour... Almost everybody experiences it at some point, but nothing seems to get done about it!
I was born and raised as a decent citizen. I have always paid my taxes. I respect others in society yet on a daily basis I have to be prepared to cross over the road to avoid anti social behaviour. I am even on edge when walking round to my local shops as I never know when I am going to be confronted by a bunch of foul-mouthed youths and young adults hanging around the shops and bus stops doing everything they can to intimidate good people.

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What the heck are these yobbos going to gain? Is it just the satisfaction that they can intimidate the local community? Well if that's all it is, then the misery they cause to decent citizens is a shocking price to pay!
Let's face it, there is absolutely no justification whatsoever for this sort of behaviour. I know there's always been youths getting up to mischief. When I was a teenager, I used to hang around with mates and would occasionally be questioned by the police, and when this happened, I took notice and respected their authority. These days, the hostile attitude of yobbos escalate to confrontation and profanities the moment they see police as if the police are at fault!

Does the government even care?

Does the government even care?
Well, some would say it appears not! But then again, could it just be that the government is so pre-occupied with finance and foreign policies that they've lost sight of what's really important?
Some would see the government as corrupt elites sitting in their ivory towers with complete disregard for the common person simply because they have no interest in the commoner. (That is a possibility because the noble-births etc have never favoured the commoner throughout history).
Some would even go as far to say it's a conspiracy to drive us all towards a new world order!!! But contrary to what the conspiracy theorists like to claim, I personally thinks it's the first reason since many politicians have families themselves and don't want the future to be in the hands of anti social yobbos and degenerates.
If I thought it was a deliberate motion, I wouldn't be wasting my time here on this website.

So... What should be done?

So... What should be done?...
Well to start with, more severe punishment! I know that's the obvious thing, but it really could be that simple if it was properly adopted without the so-called human rights activists getting in the way.
Let's face it some yobbos may well go on to develop a career in robbery. At the same time, many will not. Why is that? Is it because they have developed a conscience? That would be nice. But in many cases, it's probably because they decided they don't fancy risking getting caught and ending up losing 2 or 3 years of their life behind bars. If so, this proves that punishment also works as a deterrent.
When it comes to anti social behaviour punishment, yobbos (regardless of their age) will rarely get more than a simple ticking off if anything at all, so there's no real deterrent in place. Now if the local authorities were stricter and dished out appropriate punishment more broadly maybe it could make a difference.
Another thing, as most decent people will be aware, many anti social youths are the result of parents ignoring what their kids get up to. In some cases, the parents may even exacerbate the problem by encouraging such behaviour! So how about extending punishment to their parents?
On my local estate, half of these anti social kids come from families either partially or fully dependant on benefits. Regardless of whether the families are on benefits or not, if the parents were to be penalised financially and they could no longer afford their cigarettes and scratch-cards, maybe they would start to play a bigger part in clamping down on their offspring. The problem with the approach of financial penalties, is that if these families are naturally law-breaking reprobates, they will simply turn to more serious crimes to compensate the fines. So withdrawing benefits or giving them financial penalties may not be the total answer.
I think the best solution is a combination of the two. Anti social kids should be forced to do community work and the parents should be fined nominal amounts. Not too much that they have to steal to pay it, but enough that they can't buy their cigarettes and scratch-cards for a couple of weeks. A bit like a speeding fine, that kind of amount.
The ultimate punishment would be to bring back Birching:, but unfortunately, there's too many do-gooders that would oppose such a movement!

What can I do as an individual?

So, what can I do?
Well there is a government website called epetitions. This is fine but it is government controlled and many have started petitions to have them rejected simply because other petitions exist covering a similar, but not the same issue.
What we can do here is to create our own petition. Then we can extend it to epetitions later on, or if enough momentum is gathered, we can approach parliament directly.
As with all editorials on this website, there is the option of uploading photographs and the option to discuss specifics on the discussion boards. Finally, there is the petition section which you can sign with a name and email and a brief note emphasising your support.
Let's collaborate and bring an end to these anti social perpetrators. Otherwise the situation will multiply for our children and their children.

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