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Created by: HatedCyclist

Cyclists, Licensing and Insurance


I don't know about you, but I have had enough of dangerous and unruly cyclists who are a menace to us all. The cyclists I am referring to are those who jump lights, are poorly visible after dark, who cycle on pavements (which are not designated as cycle paths) and have blatant disregard for safety.

Only the other day I nearly collided with a cyclist who had no lights after dark. To add insult to injury, he hurled loads of abuse as if it was my fault for not seeing him!

Now before you dismiss me as a cyclist-hating car driver; read on as you might be surprised to hear I am an avid cyclist who does not own a car.

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Before discussing my proposal for tighter constraints on cyclists and firmer accountability for those that are a danger to them, let me balance the equation to demonstrate that this article is about justice and accountability for all parties.

The other day, I was on my bicycle patiently waiting at a set of lights at a cross-roads junction. When the light changed to green, I looked and moved off. The guy sitting opposite in his family sized saloon car, was giving no indication of his direction then accelerated away as quickly as possibly and cut across in front of me. If I had not taken his disregard for other road users into consideration, I may well have ended up a statistic. But as any responsible cyclist knows, due to your vulnerability, you have to take into consideration the antics of others, especially when their sole purpose in control of a gas powered vehicle is to get to their destination as quickly as possible.

When I got to work, I explained the near miss to some of my colleagues and guess what their response was... They said "Well that's because cyclists are a menace!". This was said without any consideration as to whether I had done anything wrong! This is the typical attitude of some people and car drivers who feel the whole world revolves around them.

So what is my purpose here?...

Well, it certainly isn't to rant about car drivers... For every car driver that poses a danger to cyclists and other road users, I see ten car drivers who are more than willing to give way to a cyclist and appear to respect their vulnerability.

The reason I am here, is to suggest a way forward and make people aware that hostilities are often the result of a few bad apples combined with the generalisation mindset of those who always think the blame resides firmly with the opposition.

What I am proposing here, is tighter controls on cyclists and more appropriate accountability for both sides of a disbute. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to change the mindset of those who resign to the idea that they are always right and everyone else is wrong, but if that was possible, then changes to legislation wouldn't be required anyway.

What I am proposing, is that cyclists should be licensed. As a cyclist myself, I would be more than happy to do this if it makes the road safer for myself and others by applying tighter controls over cyclists. But this isn't just about accountability of cyclists, it is also for their protection.

"WHAT!" I hear my fellow cyclists cry...

It should be borne in mind that the license could be little more than the cost of an inner tube per annum. A small price to pay for a bit of reassurance that the government is prepared to act on those that give the rest of cyclists a bad name.

Also insurance...

Again, it isn't expensive, and it could well defend against personal liability for a serious claim against a cyclist. For example, if you lost control for whatever reason, caused another car to swerve and hit an innocent bystander. Whether a loss of control was because of a pothole or a moment's distraction, it would be reassuring to be represented legally and financially in a £250,000 lawsuit.

Furthermore, a cyclist's policy could well provide legal aid in the event of you being the victim. It could also provide personal cover for anything from loss of earnings to compensation for a loved one in a worse case scenario.


I have included petitions for this article. So if you think cyclists should be licensed, then please sign the petition along with your comments.

I like many others, am trying my best to encourage cycling. Once the correct message is put across, people should realise that paying a small fee for a cyclists license should encourage the use of bicycles. I'm sure many are reluctant to turn to peddle power simply because of the dangers and attitude towards cyclists, but a bit of licensing could regulate cycling behaviour.

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