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Created by: HatedCyclist


There has been a lot documented about hostilities between cyclists and drivers as if the two were completely different breeds who are natural enemies. But there has also been a lot written that people who cycle the most are likely to own at least one car.
So, isn't it time people woke up to the reality that a few bad apples should not constitute an all-out war between these two groups?
Anybody (cyclist or motorist) that blame the entire opposite group rather than the specifics of an individual event, they need to open their eyes!
This article goes on to discuss things that are a lot more thought provoking, so please read on...

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I can see two key arguments on both sides of fence...
Cyclist's Arguments: Environment and the demand for oil...
Although I want our air to be cleaner and not be chocking every time I walk or cycle through busy cities, I don't buy into everything that is preached about car usage being the sole reason for climate change. I do believe governments and big-corps are just cashing in on the "go green" movement. However, the demand for oil is such that countries fight and kill over each other's resources regardless of the impact on climate. Greed, power and self-centred mindsets are a motive in fighting for oil.
If just one person in four who drives a car on a daily basis for their commute to work were to turn to peddle-power, that's potentially a 25% reduction in demand for fuel by commuters. That could obviate the excuse for many foreign wars. For goodness sake, think about it!!!
Having said that, some of the antics from some car drivers indicate they don't care about anything or anybody but themselves. Then again, that's why I said 25%, because these aforementioned selfish and narcissistic individuals would presumably remain in the other 75%.
Okay, okay... I know we depend on crude oil for a lot more than just personal car use, but don't try to tell me it wouldn't make any difference. Any body that tries to claim otherwise are just making excuses so they don't have to change their way of life.
Motorist's Arguments: Cyclists are menacing to society...
Well, are they? As a cyclist and an occasional motorist that is trying to see things from both perspectives, it is plain to see that the difference between international wars over oil and the menace cyclists are in the city is a pretty distinct one!!!
As already mentioned, I am a car driver and a cyclist. The other day I attended a party with my family (who are all non-cyclists). I told them that earlier in the week I was nearly knocked off by a car driver. Even members of my own family tried to make excuses putting the blame firmly within the realms of the cyclist using the excuse that cyclists are a menace. Once I heard this, I realised that if even my own family are convinced that cyclists are to blame, there is clearly a lot of generalisation in people's attitude.
Quite frankly, it has become obvious that putting the blame on cyclists generally is just a default argument so the car driver doesn't have to face up to their own responsibility as a road user.
I know there are some bad apples, but these exist as car drivers and cyclists. What I am getting very upset about, and why I am here today is that it's about time people stopped categorising entire groups of people just based on the actions of the few.

Let's put things into perspective...

Some cyclists are a nuisance, some car drivers are a nuisance. But the generalisation must stop!
Individual antics aside, let's look at the bigger picture. This part of the article is a bit controversial, but very thought provoking if people are prepared to wake up and start to think outside of their own little world.
Time and time again I have seen car drivers and cyclists doing dangerous things. But in four years of cycling the same route, I have never seen a policeman patrolling the area. So if a car driver knocks a cyclist off his bike as a result of driving whilst using a mobile phone, or a cyclist hits a pedestrian because they were cycling after dark without lights, it is highly unlikely any justice would be served.
Now why aren't there any police around? I tell you why, because everything today is financially driven including government priorities, and those priorities are not in favour of the common person that's why.
According to Wikipedia, the total cost of the Iraq war is $757.8 billion!!! That is a colossal amount of money. How many policeman do you think could have been employed in the United States if that money was used for internal affairs as opposed to fighting these wars? Now don't buy into the nonsense that these wars are about homeland security because they are not. It's about oil plain and simple! Now if 25% of drivers took to peddle power, that could save several billion in fruitless oil wars, instead that money could be used for the benefit of homeland security in the form of law and order and better policing. This could also mean tighter constraints on car drives and cyclists instead of leaving these groups of people to fight their own personal wars on the road.


Now although I have expressed arguments for and against both parties in the Cycle vs Car war, at the end of the day, it is the car drivers who really have control of the bigger picture.
So if you are really adamant that something should be done about cyclists. then give up your hopeless dependency on your car and get a bike! Then collaborate with other cyclists to get the bad apples off the road, reduce our dependency on oil and make the world better for everybody including our children and their children. Alternatively, you can just continue to make excuses abandon all ethics and focus on your own desires while we scour the rest of the world of its morality.
Happy motoring and cycling!

End of Article

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