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Created by: UtopiaNow

Abu Qatada - Now free to carry out what our governments spend billions trying to prevent


Abu Qatada (thanks to so-called human rights) has been released to preach hatred and continue to plot against the very people that he has spent years claiming benefits from. It begs the question "Is there more to it"?

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Mr Qatada (according to the media) has claimed over £1 million in benefits. Now before we even stop to think about whether or not Mr Qatada is guilty of hate crimes and supporting terrorism, what about this £1 million pound of benefits?

Now if the average British person who has worked their entire lives was to stop and claim benefits, the authorities would be round in no time at all to see if they are entitled to it. So with such tight constraints, how is Mr Qatada able to get away with claiming such significant amounts of money?

Apparently, Abu Qatada (described as one of Europe's leading al-Qaida operatives) should not be deported to face terrorism charges in Jordan because evidence obtained through torture would be used against him. So does this mean he should be free to preach hatred towards you, me and our fellow countrymen while ripping off the benefits system?

So what the heck is going on

I can see two possibilities:

1. Mr Qatada hasn't actually claimed these funds or preached any hatred and is simply being used as a scapegoat. Possibly even to bolster our support for conflicts in the Middle East or to take our minds of other affairs.


2. Someone's been paid off!

What we should be focusing on, is getting to the bottom of this and revealing the truth. If the media are telling the truth, then we must collaborate to pursue some form of justice. This isn't just about punishment, it's about prevention of crime towards our fellow human beings and protecting our way of life.

Abu Qatada legal fight

The story so far...

2001: Qatada goes on the run to avoid being detained without charge

2002: Tracked down and taken to Belmarsh prison

2005: Freed as detention ruled unlawful - but placed on control order

2005: UK decides to deport him to Jordan - detained again

2008: Court of Appeal blocks deportation

2009: Law Lords back deportation - Qatada appeals to the European Court of Human Rights

2012: European Court blocks deportation, but on limited grounds

2012: Special Immigration Appeals Commission grants him bail

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