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Created by: RealityPhil

Commuting Using Public Transport Costs More Than Commuting by Car - No wonder our cities are gridlocked!


Let me be clear from the outset, this article is not against car drivers themselves, rather it is against governance that is forcing society into a desecrating and expensive situation of total car dependency.

Public transport is far too expensive, I used to run a 15 year old car worth about £500, pay £340 on insurance and £220 annual vehicle excise duty. Annual petrol would average £2,200 (based on current market rates at the time of writing) and parking would be around £600.

That's a total of £3,860. If I got an annual rail season ticket to perform the same journey, it's over £5,000 (and that's the cheapest tariff).

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When it's cheaper to drive and park than it is to take the coach or train, something is seriously wrong which in turn encourages yet more cars on the road. It should be cheaper to go by train making the car the second option instead of the first! No wonder the roads are always gridlocked and our little ones are choking on fumes!

I am no longer in the situation described above. I am one of the few that made the necessary sacrifices and gave up profitable consultancy work in favour of finding a permanent job and moving to that location. I no longer depend on any powered vehicle other than peddle power. Therefore my views expressed below are unbiased around car vs. public transport use.

Whilst some people do share a car resulting in the best economic option over public transport, the vast majority (95% based on my research) are single occupant vehicles clogging up the highways.

Cars should be for convenience and pleasure. Unfortunately, much of society is revolving around the use of cars forcing us into a state where we have absolute dependency on them.

There are so many aspects that should be taken into consideration over car usage. What I am writing here is just one of them.

I am not going to bang on about why we shouldn't be so dependant on our cars because this article focuses more on their use over public transport.

What is the motive behind the train companies?


But here's a theory...

If rail tickets were reduced by 25%, it would bring the rail tariffs to a level below the average cost of running a car. The obvious problem is that that would put too many passengers on the already overcrowded trains. The train companies would have to put on more trains, but then they'd be a lot more people using them.

Unfortunately, the blinkered mindset of most corporate fat-cats is to maximize profits by applying cutbacks, not by focussing on the bigger picture and expansion.

So basically, unless the powers that be start to wake up and change their attitude, I guess there's no hope!!!

Other issues beyond profit

During the rush hour(s), the amount of fuel that's being burnt must be truly phenomenal. In addition to any environmental issues, where is all this oil coming from, the war-torn regions of our planet that's where!

Without getting bogged down on the topic of global issues, it's worth pointing out the profit focused mindsets of the train corporate fat-cats and politicians are fuelling world's problems (no pun intended). Their entire focus is based on what it means for them in the short term rather than what it means for the rest of us in the long term. There are many problems in the world caused by greed, this is just one of them.

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