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Created by: RealityPhil

Commuting Using Public Transport Costs More Than Commuting by Car - No wonder our cities are gridlocked!

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5 years ago Post # 1

Joined:  Oct 2009
The truth about Co2

I know Co2 is detrimental, but for me the key that many anti-cyclists seem to miss, is that there’s a lot more rubbish that comes out of a car exhaust besides Co2, none of which is produced by human breath.

Also, when we excerpt ourselves, we eat more. And providing we eat naturally occurring foods, the extra vegetation produced for this depends on this Co2. However, the Co2 coming from cars as a result of burning broken-down organic matter millions of years old is surplus to the planet’s requirement.

I stumbled across a report a while ago about how many deaths have been accidentally caused like where someone started their car in the garage and sat in there for 10 minutes waiting for it to warm up. They were killed by CO (Carbon Monoxide) coupled with other toxins. Now if every day 600 million cars are being driven in various places around the world, that’s a hell of a lot of poison going into our atmosphere.

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