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Created by: MrCommuter

Deadly tension on the roads - drivers vs. bikes: We need changes to the law

Selected thread started by: MrCommuter - Total posts 2
5 years ago Post # 1

Joined:  Oct 2012
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How's about this for another perspective...

Yesterday, I was in London. I was on a course for 4 days. Every day I saw a multitude of the following:
1) Cyclists jumping lights
2) Car-Drivers racing through city streets
3) All sorts of road users using mobile phones while driving

But the one thing that really put things into perspective was this:
As I was walking along Greys Inn Road, a guy driving a 16-ton HGV was handling his mobile phone (texting/dialling whatever). Hi was oblivious to the fact that the pedestrian lights had changed and drove out onto the yellow box junction where he suddenly realised he had to stop and slammed on the anchors.

This driver had performed the following errors as a result of not paying attention:
1) Drove over a pedestrian crossing where pedestrians had the right of way
2) Blocked a box junction causing a big hold-up
3) Generally posing a serious risk to all road users and pedestrians while using his phone behind the wheel of a 16+ ton vehicle.

The number one daily driver-rant in London is wholly aimed at cyclists. But let's put things into perspective for a moment:
It would take a minimum of 160 cyclists crammed into the same space taken up by the aforementioned HGV, all jumping the lights at the same time. This would be physically impossible to get that amount of cyclists in that area, but for the sake of argument, let's just assume it is possible.
Even then, this huge group of cyclists would not pose anywhere near as much danger simple because all of their weight would be evenly distributed over the entire area, whereas the HGV truck's main point of road contact was in 4 places on the road.

Can anybody with half an ounce of common sense rise above their arrogance agree that this truck driver was indeed many times more likely to kill a pedestrian or other road use than the minority of cyclists breaking the rules?

In one foul swoop, one man presented a huge danger to people. It is physically impossible for cyclists to present the same level of danger as this guy did.

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5 years ago Post # 2

RE: How's about this for another perspective...

Pedestrians deaths on the footpath is 99.34% from motor-vehicles and 0.66% from cyclists. On average >150 times as many pedestrians were killed on the footpath by motor-vehicles as by people riding bicycles 2000-2009.

The number of pedestrians killed by cyclists on the footpath in the ten years 2000-2009 was three. Average 1 per 3.3 years.

In the five years 2005-2009, 226 people were killed on the footpath by motor vehicles, 161 by cars, 65 by other vehicles. Average 45 per year.

Cyclists are scared to ride on the road because of the hatred and intimidation towards them. Clamp down on anti-cyclist attitude and give cyclists better rights.

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