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Created by: MrCommuter

Deadly tension on the roads - drivers vs. bikes: We need changes to the law

Selected thread started by: HatedCyclist - Total posts 1
5 years ago Post # 1

Joined:  Dec 2012
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Will licensing and tests make cycling safer?

Motorised vehicle drivers (unlike cyclists) have to pass tests and be licensed. But next someone sees a non-licensed cyclist breaking the rules (jumping red lights, no lights, riding on the pavement, using phone etc), take a moment and have a look around and see how many vehicle drivers are speeding, tailgating and holding phones in one hand with the other on the wheel, while in a vehicle weighing in at least 1.5 tons. The testing and licensing process hasn't stopped them doing that has it? A cyclist breaking the rules is just easier to spot than someone inside a metal cage. It’s not about education, it’s about individual attitudes.
Many (understandably) used a tragic event where the cyclist was apparently to blame, but you then used it to justify your generalisation about cyclists (not understandable). When considering that statistically 99.34% of pedestrians walking the pavement and crossing the roads have been killed over the last decade are the result of powered vehicles (a car being an average minimum weight of around 15 cyclists), I think a bit of perspective is in order instead of isolating a transport type and associated laws (or lack of). Remember, individuals break the rules, not the vehicles.
Now, about cyclists: I do wish individuals on bicycles that break the rules would act more responsibly and stopped giving the generalised form of transport a bad name. But then again, I wish all road users would abide by rules regardless of their form of transport.
I for one am amongst the few people in the western world who took a step back and looked at the wider implications of our demand for vehicles and gave up my car in favour of cycling. I am not of a go-green activist who hangs about in trees, but I do know the greatest desecration of our planet is the result of gas-powered vehicles which even without accidents exceeds the quantity of global death and destruction by all the cyclists in the world put together (and this has nothing to do with Co2 or breaking the rules). I have 2 young children and do everything by bicycle including commuting, shopping and running errands. But thanks to the generalised negative attitude towards cyclist, I constantly find myself being disregarded by drivers who put my life and limb at risk thanks to the "cyclists are a nuisance" attitude.
To summarise: the one thing that most motorists still don't get, is that regardless who is at fault, a motorised vehicle weighing many tons is still far more likely to kill or maim than a cyclist (of course there are always exceptions, and conveniently these exceptions are the foundation of most anti-cyclist opinions). In London, I frequently see road users having to swerve around or brake hard when pedestrians jump lights, so please stop and think about the difference between a bicycle and a car in a wider context.

If one would take time to stop and look at ALL ROAD USERS, it is clear to see there are many individuals constantly doing many dangerous things. The only reason potential light jumpers don’t do it in vehicles or drive on the pavement is because they know they cannot get away with it. Don't make the mistake of thinking licensed road users are any more considerate than cyclists. My wife has personally had bad experiences while out with the children, but unlike most, I refuse to draw debate on isolated instances.
Finally, It is also interesting (yet worrying) how many drivers notice cyclists jumping red lights, riding at night without lights etc, yet in the event of a an accident with a well-lit law-abiding cyclist, still use the excuse "I didn't see them"!

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