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Created by: MrCommuter

Changing the attitude towards cyclists?

Selected thread started by: RealityPhil - Total posts 3
5 years ago Post # 1

Joined:  Oct 2009
Highway code Rule 163

Every day I see idiots on bikes doing stupid things. Yet the thing that still puts me in the greatest danger is the guy behind the wheel of a powered vehicle who doesn't want to wait a few seconds for a bicycle.
I wonder how many anti-cyclist ranters know about rule 163 without looking it up. This is the biggest cause of cyclist fatalities in the UK?

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5 years ago Post # 2
RE: Highway code Rule 163

It still fascinates me that people insist on associating idiocracy with a transport type.

Let me ask some questions...
1) When you see someone racing through a red light while riding a bike, is the violation the bicycle’s fault or the choice of the individual?

2) After witnessing this, should you blame and act aggressively towards the next cyclist you see? Because as a car driver, motorcyclist and cyclist, I wouldn't carry the resentment forward the next road user of the same transport type.

3) When you see bad behavior of an individual on a bike, do you honestly think the same individual would be safer behind the wheel of a 1.5 ton car capable of speed? (Maybe for their own safety, yes!)

4) Does anyone honestly believe that (in the event of a collision with a third party) powered vehicles are safer than bicycles taking into considering the physics and capability of their chosen transport type coupled with the fact that irresponsible choices are made by individuals and not their vehicles?

5) Don't you agree that the reason you normally only see cyclists jump lights is because they wouldn't get away with it while driving their powered vehicles? (Remember, it’s the individual that made the choice, not their vehicle).

6) Can we agree that arrogance is a ratio within society and should not be categorized by transport types? Taking that question into consideration, and considering the fact that cars outnumber cyclists by a ratio of 49:1 in cities, it is plain to see that there is a lot more irresponsibility in cars than on bikes. So In view this, if God forbid a child runs out in the road, which transport type is more likely to kill them?

Please just think about it. This message goes to all individuals that oppose other road users because of their transport type. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

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4 years ago Post # 3

Joined:  Dec 2010
RE: Highway code Rule 163

Yesterday, I did a cycle ride that took me round Eye reservoir, Rutland water, through Ketton back to home. The route back forced me onto the A43 simply because there is no other way round without adding many miles to the journey (not that I mind the mileage of course).
I was only on the road for about half a mile when I had a large double trailer lorry pass me at the same time an equivalent sized lorry passed in the other direction. Instead of the lorry slowing down and waiting a few seconds for the way to clear, it blasted past me so close that if I stuck my elbow out they would have hit me.
Because of the way a few cyclists ride, I often wondered if the accidents with lorries and cyclists are sometimes the result of the cyclist passing down the inside of left-turning lorries etc. But yesterday coupled with those two cyclists killed on the A30 last week in Cornwall proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that many drivers are more than happy to risk killing a cyclist over having the patience to wait a few seconds.

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