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Created by: MrCommuter

Changing the attitude towards cyclists?

Selected thread started by: RealityPhil - Total posts 1
4 years ago Post # 1

Joined:  Oct 2009
Yet another example of the arrogance of motorists...

I recently learnt about a cyclist I know of from a local club that was knocked off a little while ago.
He was cycling along at around 20mph (i.e. it would be illegal to cycle on the cycle path at this speed) and a car pulled directly out in front of him. The cyclist flew over the bonnet and totally wrecked his £2k bike.
These things happen of course (to err is to be human), but after a bit of verbal abuse from the driver about the cyclist shouldn't have been there, he then drove off. Luckily, by this time, the cyclist had got his phone out and took a pic of the car and registration. It is now in the hands of the police.


When cycling out of London last week, I was in a single file of about 10 other cyclists. A big E-class Merc overtook me (at the back) and turned left literally pushing in half way through the line of cyclists.
One cyclist was almost knocked off, and the one behind him had to partially steer into the left turn along with the Merc to avoid being knocked off. The Merc then spun its wheels and raced up the hill away from the scene.
One might argue that we shouldn't have been in a row of 10 bicycles, but not only is it not illegal (no more than a line of cars are illegal) but it wasn't much longer than a bus or articulated lorry. But the driver was still willing to risk life and limb of cyclists to save a few seconds.

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