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Created by: RealityPhil

The significance of being less dependent on our cars

Selected thread started by: HealthDude - Total posts 2
4 years ago Post # 1

Joined:  Dec 2010
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Road tax/VED whatever you want to call it...

Regardless of the nonsense surrounding the technicalities around the naming conventions of licensing for vehicles, one fact remains but very few seem to be able to grasp it...

The annual cost of building and maintaining roads in the UK is still double the revenue achieved from this little paper disc. But people still insist on trying to offset the state of our roads with this low-cost vehicle license!

If you really want to rant, give up your dependency on your vehicles, get your lazy carcass out of the car and rant about the government spending huge amount of the tax-payers money on wars to steal oil.

The trouble with this country is people don't know when their bread is buttered!

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4 years ago Post # 2

RE: Road tax/VED whatever you want to call it...

This country is going down hill in a big way.

The best thing that can happen to transport and the economy is for the majority to switch to manual transport such as cycling. And all the car drivers who don't like cyclists can either get with the program or get used to it because things are going to change whether you like it or not!

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