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Created by: dappaman

The british tax system


The minions pay in full, whilst the elite and creative pay little or nothing

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I work for a small company with four employees, i am considered part-time and there is a full time engineer out in the field doing all the work on a basic wage plus a bonus package.

All in order so far, but the company is in joint ownership with two director/owners.

I pay the full rate of tax after allowances, as does the engineer and also the relevant national insurance is deducted.

The director/owners pay tax on a minimum monthly wage roughly equivalent to the earnings of myself.

This is facilitated by playing the system as advised by accountants to take the bulk of the salary approx.(circa 40k)
in directors loans, which is not taxed.

Hence, if this is replicated across the country(highly likely) then the deficit can be cured by closing such loopholes, along with the obligatory big company cars which are used for everything else as well as business.

Is this morally and socially unacceptable as the individuals are very smug about the arrangement and see themselves as specially privileged and have a big entitlement complex.

Capitalism is the only way forward?

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