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Created by: Giovanni


Holiday Booking Disasters

Article Content

I like many people have been using Haven Holidays as our family's choice 3-4 times a year for the last 6+ years
For the last 4 years we have booked for the begining of March to go to hafan y mors due to my work commitements.
We book early like most.
However for the last 4 years Haven have re arranged our holidays
This year being the fourth consecutive time we decided to complain so spoke to guest relations at hafan y mor who was very unsympathetic and told us speak to head office, Head office customer relations very sternly said it was out of their control and we either re arrange or get our money back and the company had the right to change EVERYONES holiday as the business sees fit
We where offered no compensation nor would haven acknowledge any wrong doing on re arranging our holiday for the FOURTH consecutive year!!!
So be aware as i was told anyone booking a holiday with them CAN be re arranged
And as the company cannot guarentee your stay even once you paid for it months in advance
We for one family will NEVER RETURN TO HAVEN again
So just be aware once you pay this company your holiday is not guarenteed and all you can do is re appoint or get your money much for customer service!

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