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Violation System
Our rules are enforced by moderators and administrators by way of a violation system. When a member violates editorial, comment, discussion or petition signing rules, administrative actions are taken to protect others that use this site.

Keep Organized
Please help us to keep the site orderly by taking the time ensure you are posting in the correct place: Editorials for publishing a story, discussions in the appropriate forums.

Please do not post threads not related to the editorial in which they appear. Instead, create your own editorial and associated content. Do not flood forum threads by posting the same information more than once and/or in multiple forums. Please do not piggyback or "hijack" threads by posting information not related to that thread.

Action taken by moderators/admin: The offending editorial, comment, thread, post or petition signature may be moved or renamed and exact duplicates deleted.

Private Details On The Site
Our site makes provision for members to privately contact each other, so please avoid posting for information to be sent to you via email as this will unnecessarily expose your personal contact details which can be viewed by the general public.

Action taken by moderators/admin: None at this time, as this is your own responsibility.

Keep our site Spam-Free
We will not tolerate spam, advertising, plugging your website, or engagement in any other type of self promotion. To encourage open, unbiased (incentive-free) discussion, it is prohibited to refer to sites you own or are affiliated with.

Action taken by moderators/admin: The offending editorial, comment, thread, post or petition signature may be deleted (or plugged URLs snipped).

Maintain a clean environment
We strive to be a community geared towards helping users to raise awareness about unfair situations. We strongly encourage all posts to be in full-sentence English. Please do not use "leet speakā€ (an alternative alphabet for the English language that is used primarily on the Internet) or "chatroom" speak.

Mature language and concepts are acceptable on to the extent that would be acceptable on primetime family television, but offensive postings are not. To ensure that standards are maintained we have employed a profanity filter that will edit out inappropriate language in your postings and stories. However, common sense should reign and if you are unsure if a word is suitable or not, please don't post it.

It is prohibited to use alternative characters in an attempt to circumvent the profanities filter.

Action taken by moderators/admin: Offensive material may be snipped or censored by the profanities filter.

Remain Pleasant
Do not post anything with malicious intent against another member (including, but not limited to, racist, sexist or religiously prejudiced remarks).

Action taken by moderators/admin: Offensive editorials, comments, threads, posts or petition signatures may be deleted. Flame war or heated discussion threads may be locked.

Stay Legal
Keep clean by not posting pornographic material or link to it. In addition, do not post any copyright protected material or anything related to other illegal motions.

Please ensure you own the rights to everything you post. Do not publish editorials, comments, threads, posts or petition signatures entries which are not your own intellectual property.

Action taken by moderators/admin: The offending editorial, comment, thread, post or petition signature may be deleted and in some cases legal authorities may be contacted.